1. "God made the illusion look real and He made the real look as if it didn’t exist. He covered the sea but revealed the foam. He concealed the wind but revealed the dust.
    The world’s an old sorcerer, selling moonlight as silk for the gold and silver of your life. When you come to your senses you see there is no silk and all your gold and silver pieces are gone.
    From this magic market you can only take refuge in the Truth."
  2. arsvitaest:

    Charles Spencelayh (1865–1958), Burning Zeppelin (Cuffley) Sept 3rd 1916,
    oil on canvasboard

    Thanks to anotherword and blastedheath

  3. likeafieldmouse:

    Yves Tanguy - Untitled (1938)

  4. arsvitaest:

    Richard Eurich, The Landing at Dieppe, 19th August 1942, 19423, oil on panel

  5. earlymodernart:

    Gustave Moreau, Abstract Study

  6. amare-habeo:

    Odilon Redon (French, 1840 - 1916)

    Femme à la barque, N/D

  7. František Kupka, Woman In Triangles 1909

  8. Mikhail Matyushin, Non Objectivity- Crystallization in Space 1915

  10. russianarthistory:

    Aristarkh Lentulov

    Saint Basil’s Cathedral, 1913, Tretyakov Gallery, Moscow.